You Can Afford Your Own Home!

While the problem of housing affordability has been a hot topic in recent times, I’d like to share with you one solution that I’ve been helping home buyers with since 2010.

Working as a mortgage broker and real estate agent during the past 27 years, I’ve met many people who believed they couldn’t afford to buy a home. But when we sat down together and examined their spending habits, we often discovered they could easily afford their own home… if they were prepared to make a few simple changes to their discretionary spending.

You see, humans aren’t always rational creatures. Sometimes highly intelligent people make dumb financial decisions that could prevent them from ever owning a home.

Let’s take smoking for example. According to Quit Victoria, someone smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes a day is wasting around $154 a week or $8,000 a year. For a couple with similar smoking habits, that’s a massive $308 a week or $16,000 a year.

And, it’s about to get significantly more expensive. On 1st September 2017, the Federal Government will start ratcheting up tobacco excise rates and by September 2020 this couple will be blowing around $560 a week on cancer sticks.

After 25 years they will have burned around $730,000 and all they’ll have to show for it is lung cancer or emphysema!

They’ll probably also waste a similar sum of money on rent (which their landlord will wisely use to pay off his/her own mortgage). 

How crazy is that? Almost $1.5 MILLION spent, yet they won’t even own a brick, a floor tile or a kitchen sink!!

That same amount of money could pay two $400,000 mortgages off over 25 years (assuming an interest rate of 5.5% p.a).

They could own their home and an investment property outright, with a combined value of $3 million (assuming both homes were bought for $450,000 each and they achieved a modest capital growth rate of just 5% p.a).

Of course, not everyone smokes. But many people could still save hundreds of dollars a month by reducing the frequency of dining out and takeaways, fancy coffees, gambling, alcohol consumption, lavish holidays and buying used cars instead of new.

Now what if you combined some of these money saving suggestions with a brilliant home ownership strategy?

Would you be excited to learn how you could live in a brand new home and have someone else paying up to 60% of the mortgage payments for you? 

To find out how, read Housing Affordability Solution.

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Experience Counts!

When my car needs servicing, I take it to an authorised dealership because they have the skilled mechanics, high-tech equipment and genuine parts that are necessary to do the job properly. I’m smart enough to know that I couldn’t do the service as well myself.

For similar reasons, I don’t attempt to cut my own hair, do my own dental work or pretend that I’m an electrician, a solicitor or an accountant.

So, it always amuses me when I hear about amateur property investors who take investment advice from other novices like family and friends, or even complete strangers on Facebook or internet blog sites.

It may also surprise you to learn that many real estate agents do not own any investment properties and they have little experience with Cashflow Positive or Instant Equity strategies. That old saying about “the blind leading the blind” comes to mind!

I’ve been involved in the property industry for 27 years, as a mortgage broker, real estate agent and investor. During this time I’ve helped hundreds of investors build their portfolios, with some accumulating more than a dozen properties.

My simple, low-risk investment strategies assist average wage earners to build a solid asset base and strong passive income stream to provide a financially secure retirement.

This is achieved with three unique types of residential property:

  1. Dual Occupancy Homes – these generate strong Cashflow Positive returns.
  2. Co-Living Homes – these generate even better Cashflow Positive returns.
  3. Duplexes – these are usually Cashflow Positive and offer the potential to make up to $130,000 Instant Equity.

Gross rental yields average 6% – 7% p.a. on Dual-Occs and 7% – 8% p.a. on Co-Living homes!! (Traditional properties return a gross yield of around 3% – 5% p.a).

Consider the superior benefits these homes provide compared to ordinary houses, units or townhouses:

  • Higher rental yields
  • Lower vacancy rates
  • Greater tax benefits
  • Instant equity potential (Duplexes)
  • NO body corporate/strata fees

Plus, in SE Queensland these types of properties cost at least $100,000 less than in Melbourne or Sydney!

If you’re ready to Boost Your Income, Pay Less Tax and Build Wealth for Your Retirementplease contact me and I’ll be happy to provide more information and answer any questions you may have (obligation free). Brian White 0418 360 490 or

P.S.  While some property ‘gurus’ charge thousands of dollars for mentoring programs or to find an investment property for you, my services are absolutely FREE!!

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NOTE: Returns will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Always seek independent financial, legal and taxation advice before making any investment decision.

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